Fraud Alerts

Debit Card Fraud is a worldwide problem, and as a result we have placed restrictions on our debit cards in order to protect you and MCU.

Debit Card Restricted Locations

We have no restrictions on your card in the US. It is not necessary to call us before you travel within the US to a location you visit often. However, if you are traveling outside of your normal patterns, your card may be blocked.  Please make sure you have an updated cell phone number with MCU, because you may be called to verify your recent transaction history to protect your card from being blocked. If you prefer, feel free to call the office before you travel and your account will be noted.

If you are traveling abroad, please notify us in advance.  Because there are high fraud volumes in many countries, your transactions may not go through unless we place a note on your account. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience. These steps are necessary to protect the integrity of you your card.

Protect yourself from telephone and e-mail scams

Fraud Protection

Members Credit Union will never authorize an outside company or organization to contact you by phone or internet to request account holder information. If you should be contacted in such a manner, please hang up and call the credit union immediately. If a credit union staff member contacts you for account information, we will offer you the opportunity to call us back at 203-622-6050 in Cos Cob.

The credit union is alerted of attempted fraud situations that affect the financial industry on a regular basis. We would like to pass on the information to you so you can be aware of what to look for in case you are approached by someone who wants to obtain your information and use it for illegal purposes.

SCAM ALERT! One of our members received an e-mail from the National Credit Union Administration asking for debit card information. This is a phishing fraud e-mail. Please don't give out credit union account information in reply to any e-mail.

E-mail and telephone scams are on the rise. Never give out account or personal information to anyone requesting it via e-mail.

Members Credit Union will never ask you to provide account information via e-mail. If you should receive an e-mail requesting such information, contact the credit union immediately. If you receive a telephone call requesting account or personal information, do not provide it unless you are initiating the telephone call.

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