Fee Schedule

  • Savings Account Fees

    Excessive Withdrawal Fee (Money Market) $10.00
    Inactive Account Fee
    (monthly fee after 12 months of no activity if no other services used)
    Holiday Club early withdrawal fee $10.00
    Teller Check Fee (3 per mo. Free) $10.00
    Monthly Account Fee (effective May 1, 2013)
    (waived if member chooses Online Statement)
    Online Statement Free
    Close Account Within 180 Days of Opening $5.00
    Reopen Account Within 180 Days of Closing $10.00
  • Share Draft Account Fees

    NSF Fee* $32.00
    Courtesy Pay Fee* $32.00
    Overdraft Transfer Fee* $10.00
    Copy of a Share Draft Fee* $ 10.00
    Copy of Share Draft from MCU @ Home Free
    Stop Payment Request $15.00
    If draft presented for payment- additional stop pay fee $10.00
    One time ACH Stop pay fee $25.00
    ACH Origination Fee (free if for MCU loan payment) $10.00
    * NSF, Courtesy Pay and transfer fees may result from checks, ATMs or ACH
  • Other Account Fees

    (applicable to all accounts)
    Account Balancing $25.00 per ½ hr.
    Account Research Fee $25.00 per ½ hr.
    Statement Copy Fee $ 5.00
    Deposited Item Return Fee $ 25.00
    Outgoing Wire Transfer Fees
    International $32.50
    Domestic $22.50
    Incoming Wire Fees $10.00
    Account Levy or Garnishment $50.00
    Credit Union Teller Checks 3 free per mo. / then $10 per check
    Replacement VISA® or Debit Card
    1st in 2 year period $10.00
    2nd in 2 year period $20.00
    3rd in 2 year period $30.00
    4th in 2 year period $50.00
    after 4 privilege is revoked for 6 months
    Return Mail Fee $5.00
    ACH Transaction Fees
    ACH Stop Payment Request $25.00
    NFS Fee $32.00
    Courtesy Pay Fee $32.00
    Overdraft Transfer Fee $10.00
    ACH Origination Fee (Outgoing ACH Setup to Another Institution) $10.00
  • ATM / Debit Card Fees

    All Point of Sale Transactions are free
    ATM withdrawals at MCU Branch Locations are FREE
    Share draft balance:
    < $1000.00 4 free ATM transactions per month
    then $1 per ATM transaction at foreign ATM locations.
    > $1000.00 Free
    Initial Debit Card Free
    Replacement Debit Card (first time in 2 year period) $ 10.00
  • Miscellanous Fees

    Check Cashing if balance less than $100 1% of amount cashed
    Gift Card $3.95
    CUMoney or Travel Card $4.95
    Over the counter funds advance $2.00
    Copies per page (deposited check copies free) $0.25
    Greenwich-Stamford up to 5 pages $1.00
    Additional per page $0.25
    Out of area up to 5 pages $3.00
    Additional per page $0.25
    Mortgage Verification and Confirmation Letters $10.00
    Verifications for State Benefits Free