Auto Loans

Members Credit Union offers both new and used auto loans with up to 100% financing plus taxes, registration and warranty for up to seven years. For used vehicles, we use NADA to determine the value. In most cases, we will finance up to the loan value. Finance a new vehicle for up to 72 months. Used vehicle terms are determined by the age and the value of the vehicle with the maximum term of 60 months.

Did you know that we can pre-approve your loan before you shop and it will give you extra bargaining power if you can tell the dealer that you are paying cash? We will also discount 0.25% off your rate for pre-approval. Many dealers give a further discount if you are not financing your loan.

Use our resources when researching your new or used vehicle before you shop. View our loan calculator to see how we can save you money on your financing, then visit Everything Automotive to learn everything about the cars that you are interested in purchasing, find the models that you are looking for, tips on how to negotiate your best price, and print off a coupon worth $100 cash back when you finance your car with us!  

If you have credit issues we can often finance a vehicle for you when other lenders won’t with our Cars to Work program. We understand that things happen and a car is often a necessity for a working person.

Do you already have an auto loan with another lender?  Refinancing with MCU is easy and can often save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in interest from your current loan while decreasing the length of the loan.

Everything Automotive

Do you know it takes the average buyer 2-3 months to choose their new or used vehicle? Now you can shop from the comfort of your own home on Everything Automotive. Compare makes and models, available vehicles and dealers. Even take a virtual test drive. Apply for your auto loan before you go to the dealer and receive .25% off of your already low MCU rate. We are even offering a $100 cash back at loan closing certificate, available on Everything Automotive, which applies to both new auto loans and refinances with MCU. Restrictions apply. Visit Everything Automotive today!

Enterprise Car Sales

If you are looking for a used vehicle, consider Enterprise. Through our relationship with Enterprise Car Sales you can get a great car at a great price and an additional discount off or your loan rate.

Jhlem Enterprise car