Club Accounts

These specialty accounts allow you to save for a variety recurring expenses.

Holiday Club

Avoid overspending and credit with our Holiday Club Account. Save as little as $5 per week to help manage the stress of the season. Plus, come January you'll avoid the "sticker shock" when you open credit card statements. The automatic disbursement is first week of November so that you can take advantage of all the early retail sales.

Summer Pay Club

For teachers who do not receive a paycheck during the summer months, this account will help you save during the school year for your summer expenses. Disbursement options during the summer are available.

"U" Name It Club Account 

Do you have a recurring expense or a once-in-lifetime event to save for? Our "U" Name IT Club allows you to save for things like insurance, wedding, graduation or raising a family. These funds are kept separate from your regular savings; however, transfers between the two can be done with MCU @ Home Internet Banking.